Andrew J was sitting alongside a country road, staring out at a muddy field, wondering how he was going to find his way to a new home.

Andrew J was a sweet corgi with foxy features, soft brown ears, stubby white legs, and a short nubby tail much like that of a bunny rabbit. He had a big heart, but he never seemed to be able to make his owner happy. He seemed to get yelled at for no reason, and sometimes he’d even get hit.

Today his owner had decided he didn’t want to take care of Andrew J anymore. Sometimes dog owners do not understand how to take care of pets, show them love, or treat them as members of the family. The man had left Andrew J on the side of the road and driven away.

Poor Andrew J didn’t know what to do or where to go. He started walking, but his leg hurt, and he was sore from being hit by his owner. His thick white and brown fur was soaking wet. His white paws were muddy, and he was very sad. How will he find a new home?

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“The book might be meant for “young readers,” but for this 57-year-old, I was captivated by every page, every picture, every new adventure in Andrew J’s life with Janet. Maybe I’m a sucker for cute dogs, but I’ve always been a fan of happy endings involving rescued animals, and this story is the ultimate heart-warming win-win tale. It is a wonderful example of how the concept of “rescue” often runs in two directions, to dog and human, and lifts the spirits of both creatures in unexpected ways. Give the book a Five-Milk-Bone rating, I say!”

Rick O’Dell Program Director at MeTV FM Radio and Brand Manager, Smooth Jazz at Accuradio

“A beautiful, beautiful story”

Andrea Darlas WGN Radio

“Proud of You”

Chet Coppock, Chicago sports broadcast legend

Amazon Reader Reviews:

This is a must read for every classroom, grandparent caregiver really every human! Not since Lassie has a dog fictional or non been so connected to its owner. Makes a great stocking stuffer order now sure to sell out for the holidays!

A truly heartwarming story of the bond between a dog and his human. Andrew J’s protectiveness probably saved Janet’s life more than once, what a special dog. Much love to the author as she continues on the path to recovery from her brain aneurysm. I am making a donation to both the Brain Aneurysm Foundation and the CorgiAid group in honor of Andrew J.

Love! Love! Love! As a dog owner/lover, it is good seeing rescued dogs in a pawsitive light. Dogs are truly man’s and woman’s best friend!